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Your Neighborhood Eye Care Experts in Cumberland

625 Kent Ave Suite 201
Cumberland, MD 21502

Phone (Call or Text): 301.277.4844
Fax: 301.927.3221

Our Cumberland office, nestled in a charming neighborhood on Kent Avenue, offers an intimate setting for your eye care needs. Conveniently located near Greenway Avenue Stadium and Fort Hill High School, it showcases our commitment to being an integral part of the local community. We provide cost-free parking and ensure full handicap accessibility, reflecting our dedication to making quality eye care accessible to everyone.

Drs. Michael Summerfield and Joseph Mekhail bring their expertise and compassionate care to Cumberland, ensuring your eye health is in the most capable hands. At Washington Eye Institute in Cumberland, you’ll experience the same high-quality care as at our other locations but in a more personal and community-focused setting.

Doctors at Cumberland

Michael Summerfield, MD
Joseph Mekhail, MD
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