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Washington Eye Institute is proud to offer the new IC-8 Apthera intraocular lens implant.

The Apthera IOL is the first small aperture presbyopia-correcting lens that delivers true extended depth of focus and enhanced adaptability through its distinctive, wavefront-filtering design. The embedded FilterRing™ component delivers high OQ™ (optical quality) light to the retina and filters out distorted low OQ light entering the eye, providing cataract patients with a continuous, clear range of vision from near to far without blurry zones. The Apthera IOL also delivers reliable results in eyes with a low amount of astigmatism.

What is the Apthera lens?

The Apthera intraocular lens (IOL) is a replacement lens exclusively designed to give you the advantage of clear, focused vision to enjoy life’s most important moments. The Apthera lens, an advanced extended depth of focus IOL, offers small aperture technology combined with a reliable, high-quality monofocal IOL, allowing you to see your world in focus, whether you’re concentrating on what’s right in front of you, or beyond.

How is the Apthera lens different from other lenses?

Monofocal (or standard) IOL designs provide clear vision at only one focal point, usually distance. That means objects or people close up will appear blurry and require glasses to see. Even some advanced IOL designs that offer near, intermediate, and distance vision can only provide clear vision at specific focal points (usually two or three), so objects that are between those specific focal points may appear blurry.

Only the Apthera IOL offers small aperture technology that can filter away the unfocused light that causes blurry zones. This seamlessly expands your range of vision—so you can see objects, people, even text—across the full range of focal lengths

What is presbyopia? How does the Apthera lens help?

Presbyopia is progressive vision condition that typically starts after 40 years of age. Over time the eye’s natural lens becomes too stiff to focus light making it difficult to see objects clearly up close. The Apthera lens mitigates the effects of presbyopia by filtering away the unfocused light that causes blurry vision and allows only focused light to reach the retina. This seamlessly expands your range of vision so you can see clearly from near to far without blurry zones

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