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In the future, for patients with certain types of cataracts, the surgeons of The Washington Eye Institute will be offering an advanced new type of cataract surgery (femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery). The femtosecond laser is presently being used in "bladeless" LASIK corneal refractive surgery. This laser has been modified to help create precise corneal incisions, anterior capsulotomies (removing the front part of the cataract), and nuclear fragmentation (dividing the cataract into small pieces).

Because the nucleus is fragmented into multiple small pieces, the present day phacoemulsification unit will not be necessary at all, avoiding some of the complications inherent with phacoemulsification. By using the accuracy of the laser, cataract surgery and lens replacement surgery promises to be even more predictable and to have better outcomes than presently possible. This new technology will be used with their patients in both Washington D.C and Maryland.

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